Whaley: Bills more likely to trade back, not up, in draft

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Buffalo Bills general manager Doug Whaley opened his annual pre-draft news conference Monday with a disclaimer that -- for strategic reasons -- he would have little to offer less than two weeks before the NFL draft.

There was one tidbit from Whaley, however, that seems safe to believe.

"We're going to set up our board where we'll put a demarcation line where if we see guys fall -- and we think we have a chance to go up and get, and we would consider it -- but I'll tell you right now, with the lack of ammunition, I would highly, highly doubt that we [trade up]," Whaley said. "We'd be more prone to listen to offers to move back from 50 and pick up more picks, but again, I will never say never.

"Like [Buffalo Sabres general manager] Tim Murray says, it's free to listen. With what we did in free agency, we feel very comfortable with the pieces of the puzzle we have in place and we're at that point now where we may start getting top heavy so we're going to need the draft picks to start replenishing the roster."

The Bills have only two picks in the first 150 selections, the fewest in the NFL. As a result, Whaley said he is unlikely to pick up the phone to try to swing a trade back into the first round.

"It's going to be exciting, because we have friends across the league and we like to see what they're doing," he said. "Again, you never know when that phone rings what can happen. Testament to the fact of the LeSean McCoy trade. We had no idea that would happen.

"Again, I lean on Tim Murray, it's free to listen. Be by the phone if anybody wants to call. We'll be excited just to see how the board falls and where we're going to re-shape ours after that first round and see where we'll go from there."