Matt Simms says Jets didn't give him 'fair share' of reps

Matt Simms asked for his release after he said he felt like he did not receive enough reps in practice. Adam Hunger/USA TODAY Sports

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Buffalo Bills quarterback Matt Simms confirmed Wednesday that he asked for his release from the New York Jets last week after not receiving enough practice time in organized team activities.

"You never want to quit a job when you don’t really know whether there is a job waiting for you," Simms said Wednesday, "But at the same time, I wasn’t happy, and you have to do what makes you happy, so I was willing to take that chance to be happy.

"I felt like I wasn’t getting my fair share of the reps and work. Today -- even though it was my first day -- I got more work today than I did my last week with the Jets. Yeah, it was risky, but in the end it paid off and I’m happy to be here now."

Simms, whom the Bills claimed off waivers Friday, is reunited with Bills coach Rex Ryan and quarterbacks coach David Lee, who coached him with the Jets.

"Really it’s being in a place where I feel welcomed, and a place where I feel the coaches want to see me grow and continue to do well, those were the main things," Simms said. "So even though I’m playing for a different New York team, it still feels like home to me."

Simms' chances of competing for the starting job aren't much better in Buffalo, where EJ Manuel, Matt Cassel and Tyrod Taylor are in a three-way competition. Ryan was cautious Wednesday when asked if Simms will be added to that race.

"It is what it is right now, three guys are going to be working at it, they’re splitting the reps," Ryan said. "But don’t kid yourself. Matt will be given opportunities. Is he going to get as many as the top three guys? Probably not, but one thing about Matt, is I know he will take advantage of the opportunities he gets, and I’m not saying he can’t make this team."

The Jets moved on from Simms after acquiring Ryan Fitzpatrick and drafting Bryce Petty this offseason to bolster their depth chart behind Geno Smith.

"How I felt with the situation with the Jets is different than the situation here with the Bills," Simms said Wednesday. "I feel like here I have more opportunity to get more experience to get more reps on the field and to give myself a fair shot to actually succeed, whereas I feel like I didn’t quite get that same respect there with the Jets."