Assistant Kurt Anderson among Bills' options if Aaron Kromer loses job

The startling details around the arrest of Buffalo Bills offensive line coach Aaron Kromer early Sunday morning have cast doubt on the veteran coach's future with the team.

According to a statement released by the Walton County (Florida) sheriff's office, Kromer allegedly punched a boy in the face following an altercation over beach chairs. Kromer is also accused of threatening to kill the boy's family if he went to police about the matter.

It could take weeks or months for the NFL to review the matter for a possible suspension under the league's personal conduct policy, which applies to coaches. Even before the NFL makes a ruling, the Bills could opt to suspend Kromer or terminate his contract completely.

If that happens, the Bills would be without an offensive line coach less than a month before the start of training camp July 31.

What would be the Bills' options if Kromer is suspended or fired? Here are some initial thoughts:

Promote Kurt Anderson: A holdover from Doug Marrone's coaching staff, Anderson is the assistant offensive line coach and the only other coach, besides Kromer, who has worked closely with the offensive line since the spring. Anderson hasn't been a full-time position coach at the NFL level. Prior to joining the Bills in 2013, he was the run game coordinator for Eastern Michigan University from 2010-12. As a less-experienced coach, Anderson would make more sense as a short-term fill-in for Kromer (if he is suspended) than a full-time replacement (if Kromer is fired).

Have Greg Roman pull double duty: Offensive coordinator Roman is the only coach on the Bills' staff, besides Kromer, with an extensive background coaching offensive linemen at the NFL level. One option would be for Roman to help Anderson with the running game and offensive line while having David Lee or Chris Palmer, two senior offensive assistants, spend more time with the quarterbacks, receivers and passing game.

Hire from the outside: Few coaches are available on either the NFL or college market in July, just weeks before training camps begin. In addition to Kromer, the Bills pursued Mike Solari (now the assistant offensive line coach for the Green Bay Packers) and Chris Foerster (now the San Francisco 49ers' offensive line coach) for their vacancy in January, but it's highly unlikely either of those coaches would make the late swap to Buffalo to take Kromer's job. Even if the Bills hired from outside, getting that coach up to speed with Roman's system and terminology would prove a challenge in training camp.