Bills' offense scores 13 points in 17 scrimmage possessions

PITTSFORD, N.Y. -- The Buffalo Bills held an intrasquad scrimmage Saturday evening in front of a capacity crowd at Growney Stadium on the campus of St. John Fisher College.

The scrimmage consisted of 17 possessions of live 11-on-11 action. The first nine possessions began from the minus-30-yard line before the ball was moved up to the minus-35-yard line for the remainder of the practice.

The offense managed 13 points: one touchdown pass (by EJ Manuel to Bryce Brown) and two field goals (both by Jordan Gay).

There were 12 players who did not participate: safety Aaron Williams, running backs Fred Jackson (hamstring) and Boobie Dixon (calf), defensive ends Jarius Wynn (knee) and B.J. Larsen, fullback John Conner (hamstring), wide receivers Justin Brown and Deonte Thompson, tight end Clay Burton, cornerback Leodis McKelvin (ankle; non-football injury list), kicker Dan Carpenter (non-football injury list) and cornerback Cam Thomas (physically unable to perform list).

Here is the full recap of the scrimmage, as charted unofficially in the press box by reporters:

First team (three possessions):

  • Quarterbacks: Manuel (one possession), Matt Cassel (one possession), Tyrod Taylor (one possession).

  • Results: Manuel: punt (from plus-43-yard line); Cassel: punt (from minus-35); Taylor: punt (from plus-40).

  • QB stats: Manuel: 1-for-3, 25 yards; Cassel: 1-for-3, 10 yards; Taylor: 0-for-1.

  • Rushing stats: LeSean McCoy: three runs, 2 yards; Taylor: one run, 5 yards.

  • Penalties: False start (Richie Incognito), delay of game (Manuel/offense).

  • Best plays: Manuel 25-yard completion to Percy Harvin; Cassel 10-yard completion to Harvin.

  • Worst plays: Manuel incompletion (overthrown) to Charles Clay on 3rd-and-13; Cassel incompletion (thrown wide) to Sammy Watkins on 3rd-and-5.

Second team (seven possessions):

  • Quarterbacks: Cassel (one possession), Manuel (three possessions), Taylor (three possessions).

  • Results: Cassel: fumble (at plus-40); Taylor: Gay missed field goal (44 yards), turnover on downs (at plus-21), punt (from minus-43); Manuel: punt (from minus-22), Gay field goal (48 yards), Brown 18-yard touchdown catch.

  • QB stats: Cassel: 0-for-0; Manuel: 4-for-8, 79 yards, one sack, touchdown; Taylor: 7-for-9, 67 yards, one sack.

  • Rushing stats: Brown: 10 runs, 28 yards, fumble; Karlos Williams: five runs, 10 yards; Taylor: two runs, 8 yards; Manuel: one run, 18 yards; Bronson Hill: two runs, 1 yard.

  • Penalties: Illegal hands to face (defense).

  • Best plays: Taylor 10-yard completion to Chris Hogan on 3rd-and-6; Manuel 43-yard completion to Hogan; Taylor completion to Nick O'Leary for 36-yard gain; Williams 7-yard run on 3rd-and-2; Manuel bootleg run for 18 yards; Manuel 18-yard touchdown pass to Brown on 3rd-and-8.

  • Worst plays: Brown fumble after 8-yard run; Manuel and Brown collide in backfield for 8-yard loss; Gay missed field goal; Manuel incompletion (thrown wide) to Robert Woods on 3rd-and-18; Taylor incompletion (overthrown) to Marcus Easley on 3rd-and-3; Taylor sacked on 3rd-and-2 by Bacarri Rambo, Alex Carrington and Corbin Bryant.

Third team (seven possessions):

  • Quarterbacks: Cassel (one possession), Taylor (two possessions), Matt Simms (four possessions).

  • Results: Cassel: Gay missed field goal (48 yards); Taylor: punt (from minus-26), Gay field goal (33 yards); Simms: punt (from plus-40), turnover on downs (at minus-39), turnover on downs (at minus-43), punt (from minus-31).

  • QB stats: Cassel: 1-for-3, 17 yards, one sack; Taylor: 1-for-3, 10 yards; Simms: 2-for-10, 24 yards, two sacks.

  • Rushing stats: Williams: 10 runs, 43 yards; Hill: four runs, 16 yards; Brown: one run, 6 yards; Taylor: three runs, 10 yards; Simms: one run, 11 yards.

  • Penalties: False start, illegal contact (defense).

  • Best plays: Simms 20-yard completion to Easley on 3rd-and-15; Williams 15-yard run; Brown 9-yard run on 1st-and-10; Cassel 17-yard completion to Hogan on 1st-and-10; Hill 9-yard run on 1st-and-10; Hill 11-yard run on 2nd-and-1; Taylor 15-yard bootleg run on 3rd-and-1.

  • Worst plays: High snap by Alex Kupper on 3rd-and-3 for 11-yard loss; Williams stopped for no gain on 3rd-and-1 and then 4th-and-1; Cassel incompletion (overthrown) to Woods on 3rd-and-4; Gay missed field goal; Simms sacked on 4th-and-2 by Andre Fluellen and Jeremy Towns; Taylor incompletion (overthrown) to Andre Davis in end zone on 1st-and-10; Taylor incompletion (thrown wide) to Dez Lewis on 3rd-and-4; Simms sacked by Andrew Hudson on 1st-and-10.