Matt Simms: 'Inappropriate' to question Geno Smith's leadership

PITTSFORD, N.Y. -- Buffalo Bills quarterback Matt Simms played with New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith for two seasons and feels that Smith's leadership shouldn't be questioned as a result of Smith being sucker-punched by former teammate IK Enemkpali, now with the Bills, over a $600 debt.

"I don't really think the whole thing that Geno is whatever, I think that's totally inappropriate," Simms told reporters after the Bills' practice Wednesday evening. "What happened is between Geno and IK. And what exactly happened, you know, we'll never really know. Except for the two gentlemen that were involved. I'm sure both parties right now are both thinking about what actually took place. I think it's a little surreal for everybody involved around the league, I think they're a little taken back by it."

Simms texted Smith after the altercation and told Smith that he and his family were praying for his speedy recovery.

"I know Geno very well, and Geno's a good dude," Simms said. "I've had the privilege of being his teammate for two years and I'm a big fan of Geno. I've always supported him and been there for him when I was one of his teammates. I'm still there for him now because outside of this football game he still is a person who has a mother and father who love him very much. It's just a very unfortunate thing for everybody."

Simms trained with Enemkpali, who the Bills claimed off waivers Wednesday, this past offseason and called his punch out of character.

"From the person I got to know in the past year and a half, I would say that IK is a soft spoken gentlemen who works very hard," Simms said. "Unfortunately, he just made the wrong decision. When a big strong man makes the wrong decision like that bad things happen."