Rex Ryan doesn't mind quick throws from opposing offenses

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- The New York Giants became the latest team to neutralize the Buffalo Bills' defensive line this season and incorporate a quick-strike passing attack as part of an overall game plan that led to a Bills defeat.

The Giants averaged 1.79 seconds before each pass, by far the quickest rate in Week 4, according to ESPN Stats & Information. The Giants took a cue from the New England Patriots, who averaged 2.0 seconds before each pass in Week 2, the second-quickest rate that week.

On Monday, Bills coach Rex Ryan wasn't bothered by his opponents' approach that limited one of the NFL's best defensive lines to two sacks against New England and just one sack Sunday.

"If somebody doesn’t want to get sacked, they are not going to get sacked," Ryan said Monday. "That is just the way it is. Regardless of who you have, certainly we have a good as a pass rush as there is, but yeah if you want to go quick and get it (out of) your hand that’s fine, but where is it going?

"I don’t mind that at all."

Ryan noted how the Giants went 3-of-15 on third downs in the game.

"Remember if you are eliminating the pass rush, you are also eliminating the type of routes that you are throwing," Ryan said. "So that plays in our favor defensively.

"Did it work out? Did they still make some plays? Sure, yeah, you are going to make some plays, but it does limit what you can do offensively. If you are saying we are going to get it out of our hand quick, fine and dandy, but where are you throwing the ball?"

Giants offensive lineman Justin Pugh explained, via The Buffalo News, that New York came into the game wanting to copy the Patriots' game plan.

"I think any D-Line," Pugh said, "if you don’t let them get to the quarterback, they get frustrated. They start to get a little chippy. And toward the end, we were able to draw some penalties and do some things. I think they were a little upset with the refs there at the end and it worked in our favor. As long as we’re not the ones getting the penalties."