Rex Ryan: I'm circling Patriots game, not Jets game

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- National attention this week is centered around Rex Ryan's return Thursday night to MetLife Stadium, but the Buffalo Bills coach insists that his upcoming game against the New York Jets isn't circled on his calendar -- but games against the New England Patriots are.

"I promise that I'll give you an honest answer [about playing the Jets] after the game [Thursday]," Ryan said. "Because right now I haven't thought about it. What I'm telling you is the truth. We're just trying to prepare for a game on a short week. Would it had been different if it was a longer [week]? Maybe.

"But at no point was I like, 'Oh, I have this one circled.' Everybody knows me, I circle the Patriots. That's what I do."

The Bills will travel to Gillette Stadium later this month for their first Monday Night Football appearance since 2009 -- when they opened their season with a loss to the Patriots.

"Oh baby, that one's gonna be tough," Ryan said Monday. "The quarterback [Tom Brady] never gets worse. What's wrong with him? That quarterback never gets worse. Like what is wrong with him. You know what I mean? When you get older, you’re supposed to get worse. This dude's getting better.

"Like, it’s sick. It’s not right. I’m waiting for the wheels to fall off."