Rex Ryan: Bills could 'force the issue' to throw to Sammy Watkins

Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan reiterated Tuesday that he believes quarterback Tyrod Taylor needs to target Sammy Watkins more after the wide receiver wasn't targeted in the first half of Monday's loss to the New England Patriots and was held without a catch until the fourth quarter.

Repeating his comments from his postgame news conference, Ryan told WGR 550 on Tuesday, "He's too good of a playmaker not to get more looks. So we're definitely going to be looking at that. We have a great talent there. We got to try to utilize him possibly a little more than we have, obviously."

Ryan said he did not know why Watkins wasn't targeted more often -- whether it was the fault of tight coverage, lack of separation by Watkins or Taylor not looking his way -- but he noted that Watkins' talent level could necessitate passes his way even when he's not completely open.

"You try to look at the defense and put your guys in an opportunity where they can be successful. You're trying to throw to the open guy," he said. "However, I think Sammy is such a talent that you can probably force the issue a little bit there. And obviously if there's one-on-ones across the board, then let's take our best shot. We'll throw up our best against your best and see what happens. Because I truly believe Sammy is that good.

"So we got to look at that. As we're moving forward, start taking advantage of this young man."

Watkins expressed frustration earlier this season about his lack of targets in an interview with The Buffalo News but Ryan did not sense any further frustration from Watkins during Monday night's game when he wasn't being targeted.

"No, absolutely not," he said. "As a team, we just want to win, and I think that's it. He's a huge team guy. Team guy first. I know he makes the statement he did. I think that was based on frustration, not being healthy and things. And look, he also knows that it's good to get the ball in his hands because he can win. And I think that's the way it is. But no, absolutely there's no signs of that whatsoever from Sammy Watkins."

Watkins finished Monday's game with three catches for 39 yards.