Rex Ryan: Won't be enough room on Bills' sideline for Rob Ryan

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- After assisting the Buffalo Bills' coaching staff this week, former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan will leave town Saturday and will not be on the sideline for the Bills' game Sunday in Philadelphia.

"No, absolutely not. There's not enough room on the sideline," Bills coach Rex Ryan said Thursday, taking a friendly jab at his twin brother's size.

After being spotted at the end of Wednesday's practice, Rob Ryan was seen entering a maintenance office in the team's field house when reporters arrived at Thursday's practice. He walked off the field with coaches at the end of practice.

"He's had a great trip," Rex Ryan said Thursday. "Let's see, this morning he goes to the dentist, gets a filling. Got to go back later today for a root canal. So he's having a heck of a trip here so far."

Linebacker Preston Brown said Wednesday that he had trouble telling Rex and Rob Ryan's voices apart and that Rob Ryan "wanted this win" over the Eagles as much as players.

"Well because he's here," Rex Ryan explained Thursday. "He'll think that this is, hey, he's a good luck charm or something. But no, he wants to win anytime -- I got news for those guys, anytime we play somebody, he's going to want to win. That's the way I was. I care about two teams, it's us and how my brother's team is playing. I always look at their scores.

"The other ones, you can say that I cheer against New England all the time, which really, is not true. 95 percent of the time, I'll cheer against New England, too. But you know, but honestly, that's just the way it is. He's not employed now so he's all in with the Bills."

Rex Ryan left open the possibility of his brother one day joining the Bills' staff, but nothing appears imminent.

"I don't see [a] college [job for Rob]. I don't," Rex Ryan said. "I think he's an NFL guy. Obviously, if he gets a great job to be a head coach in college, maybe he'd consider that. But to me, he's an NFL coach. Guy's got two Super Bowl rings. I think his resume speaks for itself.

"But I'm sure he'll get right back into coaching, if that's what he chooses to do. He's got another year on his contract, so we'll see."