Rob Gronkowski's party cruise might have been one-and-done event

Say it isn't so, Gronk! Christopher Muther/Getty Images

Maybe it was just too perfect.

A three-day cruise this past February hosted by Rob Gronkowski, dubbed simply "Gronk's Party Ship," had everything you would expect the New England Patriots tight end to enjoy: performances by Flo Rida and Waka Flocka Flame, games of flip cup and just a general good Gronk time.

But if you were fortunate enough to join Gronkowski on the boat, consider yourself lucky.

"I've heard they're not [doing it again] but if they do, I'm definitely going to be on it," Buffalo Bills fullback Glenn Gronkowski told WCMF radio on Wednesday. "I heard it [was] absolutely crazy. But it might have been too crazy to do another one, they said."

Rob Gronkowski said in an interview last month that the cruise was probably a one-time event.

Glenn Gronkowski -- nicknamed "Goose" -- is the youngest of the five Gronkowski brothers, and the fourth of his brothers to join an NFL team. Goose Gronkowski, who joined the Buffalo Bills this week as an undrafted free agent from Kansas State, wasn't able to attend his brother's cruise because he was preparing for the NFL combine.

"I decided to skip that one," he told WGR 550 on Tuesday. "Probably was in my best interest not to be on that."

Goose hasn't missed out on all of the fun with his brothers, however. After getting a phone call from Bills coach Rex Ryan immediately after the draft ended this past Saturday, Gronkowski was joined by all four of his brothers -- Rob, Dan, Chris and Gordie Jr. -- at the Amherst Ale House outside Buffalo to celebrate Goose signing with their hometown team.

It might not have been Gronk's Party Ship -- the "most turnt up event ever," Rob later declared -- but Saturday night was hardly boring for the Gronkowski family.

"[We did] probably a lot of things I shouldn't say," Goose told KISS 98.5 on Tuesday. "We'll let your imagination think about that one."