What's in the hoodie? Preston Brown is the Bills' candy man

PITTSFORD, N.Y. -- With temperatures reaching nearly 90 degrees under cloudless skies Thursday at Buffalo Bills training camp, athletic trainers told several players to take off their hooded sweatshirts they had insisted on wearing under their shoulder pads.

Count linebacker Preston Brown among those peeved at the decision. After all, Brown wore the hoodie for only one reason: to stash candy and gum in the front pocket to eat during practice.

"Everybody thinks I wear it to try to sweat," he said. "I just like wearing it because I hide candy in there."

Brown worked around the directive and found a lighter-weight shirt with pockets to stockpile his sweets Thursday. Better yet, he didn't need to supply his own candy: the Bills' defensive rookies have traditionally bought the goods. Even veteran Marcell Dareus, now in his sixth season, remembers buying for his teammates as a rookie.

Brown, who prefers gummy bears sealed in wrappers, is pleased with second-round rookie linebacker Reggie Ragland's purchases so far this summer.

"He went to Target and got all the big, fun-size, big Halloween-style stuff," Brown said. "So he's got candy for days."

As a third-round pick in 2014, Brown was tasked with the same duty.

"Everybody goes through the candy year," he said. "I had to get it for [Brandon] Spikes and Keith Rivers and all those guys. I think I was the best candy getter, but [Ragland] is second place right now."