Glenn Gronkowski is more tame version of his fun-loving brother Rob

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- The AFC East can officially make room for another Gronk.

Undrafted free-agent fullback Glenn Gronkowski, who played at Kansas State, will join his older brother Rob Gronkowski in the division this season after surviving the Buffalo Bills' cuts to a 53-man roster Friday.

Here's what you need to know about Glenn:

Call him Goose. Rob might be known across the country as "Gronk," but Glenn doesn't go by the same nickname. His family refers to him as "Goose" -- for reasons nobody can seem to remember.

He thinks he's smarter than Rob. When fans think of Rob Gronkowski, party cruises and dance moves might come to mind. But Glenn is different. "I think a lot of people have already realized that I’m not as crazy as him," Glenn said in May. "It's not easy to be that crazy and wild, but I think people are already starting to realize that. I'm a little more tame, a little more intelligent probably, so I would say people are already starting to recognize that."

He's the youngest of five brothers. Glenn, 23, is the baby of his family.

He's a Buffalo native. All of the Gronkowski brothers were raised in Williamsville, a Buffalo suburb. Glenn, who played at Williamsville North High School, grew up as a Bills fan. "Obviously the last five or six years, I had to cheer for the Patriots [because of Rob]," Glenn told KISS 98.5 in May. "Down deep, I've been a Bills fan my whole life. My senior year of high school, I went to every home game, I'm pretty sure."