Fiery Marrone not asking for patience

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- One day after his team lost its third consecutive game, Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone gave an impassioned speech to reporters as part of a nearly 26-minute news conference Monday.

Marrone deflected the idea that, with what some have called a "rebuilding" team, there is a greater sense of patience for his team to perform.

"Do I feel like I have time to turn this thing around? Hell no. Hell no," he said. "I know I have to turn this thing around now -- today -- in what we do."

Unless the Bills can win five of their final six games, they will finish with a losing record for the ninth consecutive season.

"I understand the situation. I understand the frustration. I know what's gone on here. I'm not like everyone else," he said. "I don't feel like that I have time. I don't feel like there is time. 'Coach is here, have some time, have some patience.' I don't have those things. There is no 'time,' there is just what we can do today."

Typically opening his remarks by citing statistics from the previous game, Marrone instead began Monday's gathering by thanking reporters for covering his 3-7 team.

"I appreciate the guys that are here and I understand that it gets tiring, after a while, of covering a team that's not able to get themselves over the hump," he said. "It becomes very difficult what to write. There's not a guy here right now that I think wants to write about how well we're doing or how well we're going or how things are in the right direction. But when you play a game like that, you can't write that. Nor can I get up here and defend that."

He continued by stressing the need for him to take leadership of the team, which has lost five of its last six and sits in last place in the AFC East.

"I'm telling you right now -- I promise you as I stand here -- I've been through this before. I know we don't like it. I know that feeling," he said. "It's very easy for myself... I can easily go home after a game like that and find ways to take myself to a different place, meaning that, it's not going to hurt as much. But I don't do that. I make it hurt, in my stomach. I use that as motivation, to get myself to go."

The Bills host the New York Jets on Sunday before they reach their bye week.

"We have to start winning and the winning has to start now," he said.

Marrone admitted the Bills' chances of reaching the playoffs are slim.

"I told the team this today: If you think that we're three games out, we're not mathematically eliminated. I understand that. But things aren't looking good, especially when you play a game like that," he said. "But to build a foundation and to do the things that you need to be a championship team, we have to start working on those things now.

"It's not 'Oh, the season's over, we need to move on to next year.' It's never about that. What we have to do is focus in, learn from the mistakes that we've made, understand what we need to do pushing, and have to start winning now by focusing in on our next opponent."

Finally, Marrone took time Monday to recognize Veterans Day.

"I want to thank all the veterans on how much I appreciate what the men and women do for this country," he said. "Through this tough time, we do have to be thankful to live the way we do, for the people that protect us."