Power Rankings: No. 25 Buffalo Bills

A weekly examination of the Bills' ESPN.com Power Ranking:

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After knocking off the New York Jets (who were No. 12 at the time) in convincing fashion Sunday, the Buffalo Bills moved up only one spot in ESPN's weekly Power Rankings.

It's not ideal, but the reality is, the Bills are still 4-7, with the third-worst record in the AFC. If the season ended today, the Bills would pick seventh overall in the draft, so being ranked as the eighth-worst team in the NFL is fair.

Another thing to consider: The seven teams ahead of the Bills all have 4-6 records. That's a significant logjam, but one that should be broken soon. In this case, being on their bye week should help the Bills, as some of those 4-6 teams could fall to 4-7.

What's also going to help Buffalo is its upcoming schedule. It's a point we've hammered home in recent weeks: The Bills' next three games come against the No. 30 Falcons, No. 28 Buccaneers and No. 32 Jaguars.

If the Bills sweep those three games and improve to 7-7, they're going to be ranked a lot higher than No. 25.