Grading the Bills' 53: Wide receivers

Now that the Buffalo Bills have set their 53-man roster, we'll break it down, position by position:


Personnel: Steve Johnson, Robert Woods, T.J. Graham, Marquise Goodwin, Chris Hogan, Marcus Easley (Practice squad: Tommy Streeter)

Talent: A-. By adding Woods and Goodwin in the second and third rounds of April's draft, they significantly upgraded their talent at a position where they already had one of the NFL's better receivers in Johnson. There's a good mix of big-play ability, speed, and route-running ability, in addition to possible contributions on special teams (especially from Goodwin). Johnson is still a notch below the top receivers in the NFL (Calvin Johnson, Julio Jones, etc.), but there's no shortage of talent here for the Bills.

Depth: A-. Absent Woods or Goodwin being a major disappointment, the Bills are deep at receiver. The one question mark lies in the No. 2 receiver: Is it Woods or Graham? Since the Bills anticipate playing a majority of three-receiver sets, that may not necessarily matter on paper. However, if an opponent's top cornerback is able to take away Johnson, then Woods or Graham will need to step up and put defenses on notice.

Reliability: B. Johnson has played three consecutive 16-game seasons, but missed time this training camp with a hamstring injury. Another tweak could always keep him out a game or two, but that isn't a major concern. As with most receivers coming out of the draft, there will be questions with Woods and Goodwin until they prove themselves on a consistent basis. Dropped passes in particular are something to look out for with Woods.