Vote: Who is the American League MVP?

At one point, the answer to who would win the American League's MVP award seemed like a foregone conclusion.

Aaron Judge was the runaway favorite when he posted 30 home runs before the All-Star break. But his recent struggles have significantly decreased his odds.

Mike Trout's season appeared to be derailed by injury, but his Mike Trout-like performance since returning has kept him in the mix. And his teammate Andrelton Simmons certainly could give him some competition.

Jose Altuve has been solid all season in Houston, so that could be what propels his candidacy.

And lesser mentioned names, such as Manny Machado, Jose Ramirez and Jonathan Schoop, should not be overlooked.

Make your pick now! Jessica Mendoza, Aaron Boone and Buster Olney will reveal their votes during ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball game between the Baltimore Orioles and Cleveland Indians (8 p.m. ET, ESPN).