Trade market not close to materializing

As of this morning, 26 starting pitchers have an ERA below 3.00, and 42 have an ERA below 3.50. It stands to reason that with such a high volume of pitchers performing well, there probably is a pretty good chance that contenders looking for starting pitchers -- the Astros, perhaps, or the Red Sox, or the Dodgers -- will be able to find something.

Heck, many teams have found effective pitching within their own system, from L.A.'s Mike Bolsinger (two earned runs in three starts for the Dodgers) to the Giants' Chris Heston (3.72 ERA in eight starts) to the Tigers' Kyle Lobstein, who has averaged six innings in seven starts and has an acceptable 4.29 ERA. It's the hitters who are scarce in the 2015 brand of Major League Baseball.

But whether you are looking for pitching or hitting in the trade market, talent evaluators say, you might have to wait a long time for a full array of options to develop.