Tigers being sellers would change entire complexion of trade market

Barring a veto from owner Mike Ilitch, the Detroit Tigers plan to put David Price and Yoenis Cespedes on the trade market, writes Bob Nightengale.

Teams are being told that the Tigers are still undecided about what to do in the next 10 days, given Ilitch's win-now philosophy, so really, the Tigers' current standing with Price is about where the Rays were at this time a year ago: preparing for a possible move, but not entirely sure which crossroad to choose.

But the possible injection of Price and Cespedes into the trade market could shake up the leaderboards of the most coveted starting pitchers and position players -- and increase the likelihood that some teams won't get as much in return for other trade options as they might have thought six weeks ago. It could be that by the time we get to Sept. 1, when the waiver trade period is over, we'll look back and say the Reds waited too long to move Johnny Cueto, or the Phillies waited too long to trade Cole Hamels, again.

Price immediately supplants Cueto as the No. 1 starting pitching option available on the market; both will be free agents at season's end, but there are questions about Cueto's elbow and command -- Hal McCoy detailed them here following Cueto's poor outing Sunday -- while there are no such issues hovering over Price