Mets should trade Harvey in offseason

Given the current tension in the relationship between Matt Harvey and the New York Mets and everything that's at stake for the franchise, the team will seek documentation -- it will demand it -- to support the apparent need for his innings to be curtailed immediately. Presumably, Harvey's side will have all that prepared.

And once Harvey & Co. present the written work of his doctors, he'll be like a kid with a note to stay out of school, and the Mets won't have a leg to stand on. The team cannot force a player to participate if a doctor has advised the player to sit out, and as written here last Sunday, Harvey's innings guidelines were set at 180. He's at 166 1/3 innings now, and he indicated to reporters Saturday that he will defer to what he's told by Dr. James Andrews and his agent, Scott Boras.

Unless Harvey changes his mind again, it's game over, which is his right.

For Mets fans who have donned Batman masks and capes for Harvey's starts, this is all very personal, because they believed he would lead the team's push toward October. Now, he is apparently ready to sit out the most important games of the season for the sake of his long-term career. It's a business decision, not personal.

The Mets should also make a business decision this winter: They should trade Harvey.