Why the Dodgers ultimately could decide to trade Yasiel Puig

It’s unlikely the Dodgers will trade Yasiel Puig, writes Dylan Hernandez. From Dylan’s piece:

As the Los Angeles Dodgers were playing their final regular-season games last month, they received word that a sidelined Yasiel Puig could return to them in time for the playoffs.

On the surface, a positive development. But that wasn't how the news was received in the clubhouse.

Multiple players said at the time their preference was for Puig to remain at the team's spring training complex in Arizona. They feared his oversized personality and underwhelming work habits would disrupt them more than his breathtaking talent would help.

At the time that Puig went down, the Dodgers’ won-loss record was 70-56, and they were in the midst of a four-game winning streak. With Puig out of the lineup and mostly away from the team, the Dodgers won 17 of their next 26 and buried the Giants, and there were folks within the organization who noted the difference. A lot of the people within the clubhouse viewed Puig as a constant distraction because of what they perceive to be his indifferent work ethic and his lack of punctuality.