My top 50 MLB memories of 2015

Andrew McCutchen's connection with young fans and Wilmer Flores' passion for the game transcended mere box scores in 2015. Getty Images

Before 2015 is cemented in history, here’s one final look at 50 memories in Major League Baseball from the past year. (With a lot of nomination help from folks on Twitter.)

1. Andrew McCutchen presents his batting gloves to a couple of young fans in San Diego in the moments after a Pirates’ victory. If you ever need a refresher on what it's like to be a kid watching your heroes, watch this, over and over and over.

2. Wilmer Flores' passion spills over. Two days before the trade deadline, Flores cried while standing at shortstop because he thought he had been traded, and the fans responded to him that night -- and two days later, when Flores hit a walk-off homer, and everybody went crazy.

3. Todd Frazier puts on a show in Cincinnati, at the Home Run Derby. Many other players stuck around to watch, drawn to his performance, and his joy.