Rumors of Jeter's interest in becoming team owner (Rays?) heating up; more Dodgers injuries

Yankees great Derek Jeter chatted with President Obama in Havana, Cuba, on Tuesday. Olivier Douliery/Sipa USA

Derek Jeter was in Cuba this week, and he spoke again of his desire to get involved in baseball, to become an owner. After it was announced that Jeter would be part of Major League Baseball's entourage to Cuba, there was a fair amount of buzz within the industry that this might be the latest indication that Jeter will eventually but inevitably join the Tampa Bay Rays' ownership group.

Two MLB sources say they have not heard anything concrete about a Jeter-Rays link, so for now this appears to be a rumor without substance. But the speculation makes sense in some ways: Jeter lives in Tampa, and he would be a perfect agent for change whenever the Rays reach a turning point in their ballpark situation, in the same way that Magic Johnson was the right guy to be part of the Dodgers' new ownership group in L.A. Jeter carries star power and credibility, of course, which will only grow once he is inducted into the Hall of Fame. It's easy to envision Jeter having power as a lobbyist for a team looking for a new ballpark situation.

A question for any team that brings Jeter on board -- whether it's the Rays or some other club -- is how much influence and control he would want to have over baseball operations.