Now is the time for Red Sox to embrace Sandoval, not alienate him

Pablo Sandoval is 0-for-6 on the season and is currently on the disabled list due to a shoulder injury. AP Photo/Jon Barash

HOUSTON -- There's much uncertainty surrounding Pablo Sandoval's immediate future -- about how much he will contribute to the Boston Red Sox in 2016 because of the condition of his left shoulder.

But eventually, whether it's later this season or in 2017, Sandoval will be cleared to return to the field, with the Red Sox having tens of millions of dollars invested in his ability to hit. Sandoval demonstrated repeatedly when he was with the San Francisco Giants that he could hit the best pitchers, and in the big moments. His lifetime average in the postseason is .344 in 39 games, with 19 extra-base hits and 22 strikeouts in 167 plate appearances.

This is why the organization should devote itself right now to doing everything it possibly can to make this relationship work and help Sandoval in any way he can be helped.

That must start with Sandoval, of course, taking complete ownership of his situation.