Will Yankees trade McCann? If so, here are teams that could have interest

Yankees veteran Brian McCann transitioned to a backup role in the second half of the season. Rick Yeatts/Getty Images

No matter what happens with seven-time All-Star Brian McCann this winter, Gary Sanchez will be the Yankees' No. 1 catcher next season. As one evaluator suggested, Sanchez showed off the defensive skill set of Ivan Rodriguez and the offensive skill set of Manny Ramirez in Sanchez's first go-round as a regular catcher in the majors, and it said a lot about Sanchez -- and McCann, for that matter -- that McCann, the veteran who was losing playing time, raved about the play of his younger teammate.

The safe play for the Yankees would be to keep McCann, because of his experience and utility, and because of the many examples of teams losing catchers to the heightened injury risk that exists at the position. With two years left on his contract, at $17 million annually, McCann could catch 60 or so games as the No. 2 behind Sanchez, while also getting at-bats at designated hitter and at first base.

Given the staggeringly thin options in the catching market this winter -- exacerbated by the devastating knee injury suffered by Wilson Ramos -- sources around the sport believe it's far more likely that the Yankees will take advantage of McCann's current market value and move him this winter.