Olney: Glasnow's love of rap more than skin-deep

Tyler Glasnow's lip tattoo reflects his love of rap music. Jessica Mendoza/ESPN

Tyler Glasnow played with Rodarrick Jones only briefly in the minor leagues, a handful of games in the short-season, New York-Penn League with the State College Spikes back in 2012. But Jones left a lasting imprint on the 6-foot-8 pitcher -- two, in fact.

Jones grew up in Louisiana and Glasnow in California, just north of Los Angeles. They bonded over a mutual love of rap music, although Jones teased Glasnow that given their very different backgrounds, Glasnow couldn’t possibly love it as much as Jones.

So one offseason, Glasnow visited a tattoo artist, and on the inside of his lower lip he had two words drawn: "NO JUICE," the name of a song by Lil Boosie. And on the bottom of his right foot, he had the face of the rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard added. Jones burst out laughing when Glasnow told him what he had done.

You cannot see either tattoo unless Glasnow curls his lip or takes off his shoe. The ODB image has faded over time, under the weight of his 220 pounds.

As Glasnow detailed the background of his tattoos Saturday in advance of his start against the Mets on Sunday Night Baseball, he mentioned that when he first told his Mom about the body art, she had exclaimed that at the very least nobody could see them.

Until today, Glasnow said with a laugh.