Panthers' Super Bowl odds have come a long way in Las Vegas

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- You would've had the potential for a big payday had you placed a bet on the Carolina Panthers to win the Super Bowl when they were 3-8-1.

The odds of Carolina winning it all after a 31-13 loss at Minnesota on Nov. 30 were 500-1, according to the online gambling site, Bovada.

Following Sunday's 34-3 victory over Atlanta that secured a fourth straight victory, a second straight NFC South title and a home wild-card game against the Arizona Cardinals, the Panthers' odds are down to 40-1.

The Panthers may have the worst record in the playoffs at 7-8-1, but Las Vegas gives them the same chance to win the Super Bowl as Baltimore, Cincinnati and Detroit with 10 or more wins.

Their odds are even better than the Cardinals (11-5) at 66-1.

Defending Super Bowl champion Seattle is the favorite at 12-5, followed by New England (3-1), Denver (6-1), Green Bay (6-1), Dallas (17-2), Pittsburgh (14-1) and Indianapolis (28-1).