Study: Panthers fans rank among nicest in playoffs

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Who has the most polite fans in the NFL, at least in this year’s playoffs? The Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos, according to a study by Proofpoint Nexgate.

Proofpoint researchers studied the content posted to the Facebook pages of the 12 NFL playoff teams during the first three weeks of January through the conference championships.

The Panthers and Broncos tied for first in the “Most Polite’’ category for having the lowest percentage (0.32) of profane and inappropriate content. Both teams advanced to the divisional round before being eliminated.

Fans of the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks came in third at 0.35 percent. New England, Seattle’s opponent for Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday, ranked third under the “Most Profane’’ category at 1.13 percent.

The Pittsburgh Steelers ranked first in that category at 6.15 percent.