Panthers CB Charles Tillman on emergency landing, 'meth lab'-looking dorm room

SPARTANBURG, S.C. -- Charles Tillman's first trip to training camp with the Carolina Panthers was anything but ordinary.

The former Chicago Bears cornerback was on an American Airlines flight from Chicago that had to make an emergency landing in Indianapolis on its way to Charlotte because of a fuel leak.

Tillman posted this on Twitter showing all the emergency vehicles surrounding the plane:

“There was only one lady that panicked," Tillman said on Thursday as players reported to Wofford College. “The rest of us were kind of calm."

Asked if he was freaking out inside, Tillman dropped a phrase from the 1973 movie “The Exorcist."

"Now if I saw someone spitting pea soup or something and heads started spinning and kids are running around and everyone is freaking out screaming, yeah, I probably would have been freaking out, too.’’

Tillman said the pilot was calm when announcing the fuel leak and emergency landing “like he’s done it a hundred times."

This wasn’t the first time Tillman had an out-of-the-ordinary moment on a plane, either. He recalled having to make a "combat" landing on a C-130 Hercules military plane during a USO tour to Iraq.

“Our flares on the back of the plane, they popped, and the plane just kind of ... starts doing this and that one scared me," Tillman said. “I thought somebody shot something at us. We started damn near doing barrel rolls on this big C-130, and we did this combat landing.

“That was probably scarier than the fuel leak. Now [then] I was flipping out on the inside. I was, ‘Oh, my God. I’m going to die.’ But I’m here.’’

Tillman is in Carolina after 12 seasons with the Bears to become the every-down cornerback opposite Josh Norman.

He’ll have some competition for the job between Chris Houston and Bené Benwikere. But if Thursday is an indication, Tillman won’t have any competition for being colorful.

He arrived in a hip Jack Threads T-shirt.

Then he compared his Wofford dorm room to a meth lab.

“My room looks like a meth lab. I taped aluminum foil to the [windows] because I like it pitch black because I’m very light sensitive," said Tillman, wearing dark sunglasses. “So my room is pitch black all times.’’