Panthers QB Cam Newton wearing custom-made dabbin' cleats

Under Armour made a special pair of dabbin' cleats for Cam Newton following his dance at Tennessee. Courtesy of Under Armour

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is wearing a custom-made pair of blue Under Armour dabbin' cleats for Thursday's Thanksgiving Day game at Dallas.

The cleats have an image of Newton dabbin' on one and doing his "Superman" move on the other.

Under Armour had the cleats made after Newton did the Atlanta-based dance called the dab in the end zone after a fourth-quarter touchdown run at Tennessee two weeks ago.

Newton was criticized by a Nashville, Tennessee, mother who was at the came with her 9-year-old daughter. She wrote Newton a letter saying the dance was inappropriate, but she later changed her stance after hearing Newton explain he meant no offense.

Newton said the dance took him to his "happy place."