Panthers QB Cam Newton not fined for giving little kids footballs

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Let’s end this nonsense once and for all: Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton does not get fined by the NFL for giving kids a football after touchdowns.

It’s pure fiction, despite this Facebook claim that Newton has been fined more than $250,000 since he started giving away footballs during his rookie season in 2011.

According to the league, a player can be fined for throwing a football into the stands. It happened this season to Philadelphia wide receiver Jordan Matthews, who was fined $5,787 for doing so during a Sunday night game against the Cowboys. This is done for crowd-control purposes, to prevent multiple fans from fighting over a ball.

Fines do not apply to handing the football to a fan, which Newton does as part of his "Sunday Giveaway" program.

Rumors that suggest otherwise should end now.