Panthers QB Cam Newton reveals son's name 'Chosen' on practice shirt

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton said last week he would reveal “in due time" the name of his son that was born on Christmas Eve.

Due time arrived on Thursday when Newton wore a blue Under Armour practice jersey with Chosen, the first name of his son, in big white letters across the back.

Officially, the name Newton and longtime girlfriend Kia Proctor gave their son is Chosen Sebastian. Newton still hasn’t spoken to the media about why he chose the name, but his teammates aren’t surprised by what they admit is a unique choice.

“That’s different and unique, just like him," cornerback Josh Norman said as the Panthers (15-1) enjoyed a bye week before their Jan. 17 playoff game. “Everybody has their way of doing things. He has his."

Wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery, a father of four, agreed.

“It doesn’t surprise me with him because he goes against everybody else’s trends or mindset or perspective," Cotchery said. “He goes with what he feels at that moment."

Cotchery said what is important is that Newton is “happy to be a dad."

“It’s a pretty special thing to have your own children," he said “It does change you. You have to look at things differently. You have to provide for someone.

“I can attest to one thing, he’s happy to be a dad. He’s a proud dad."