The reason Panthers quarterback Cam Newton named his son Chosen

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton didn’t want to name his new son after him because he didn’t want the boy to feel the pressure of being a Junior.

He also didn’t want an ordinary name. He wanted something that “would be masculine, but yet unique.’’

So he chose Chosen.

Let Newton explain.

“Every person that I’ve had this conversation with I say, ‘I didn’t want him to have the pressure of being the Junior,’ ’’ Newton said on Friday. “Then they replied with, ‘What the hell do you think Chosen is going to bring?’

“It’s something that I think he grows up and appreciates rather than . . . have a couple of names in his class of the same name as him when they’re doing morning roll call and they say his name.’’

Newton obviously is proud of Chosen Sebastian, who was born on Christmas Eve. Newton wore a new Under Armour workout shirt on Thursday with the name Chosen written above his No. 1.

He talked about spending this off-weekend with Chosen “running around’’ the house with other family members while the NFC wild-card weekend games that will decide Carolina’s Jan. 17 opponent take place.

Chosen apparently already has scholarship offers as well as other perks that come with being the son of the player who is all but a shoe-in to win the NFL Most Valuable Player Award.

“He does have scholarship offers,’’ Newton said with a smile. “Now, I [don’t] mean to be rude or ask anybody who has any daughters, but he’s trying to sign some type of agreement right now for first dibs on prom invite, so he’s a busy guy. Man, it’s crazy.’’

Newton said he probably won’t watch much of the NFC games between Seattle and Minnesota, and Green Bay and Washington. He admittedly isn’t a “big fan of football outside of football.’’

But Newton has a full schedule of activities with Chosen.

“I was thinking about taking little Chosen to the DMV about getting his license,’’ he said. “It’s about that time. He texted me yesterday and said he wanted to work out . . . two-a-days and stuff like that.

“I have my hands full.’’