Panthers quarterback Cam Newton: 'I don't get nervous'

Moment not too big for Cam Newton (0:51)

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has been preparing for moments like the NFC title game since he was a kid. (0:51)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Nervous? Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton?


Particularly not about Sunday’s NFC Championship Game against the Arizona Cardinals.

The only thing that has changed for Newton this week is the media responsibilities. And for a player who craves the spotlight, that’s not a bad change.

“I don’t get nervous," Newton said Wednesday. “I’ve been playing football for too long for me to get nervous. I used to dream of being in this type of position."

Newton gets more anxious than nervous because the game can’t get here fast enough. He would play this one in the parking lot if necessary.

“This is why you play football games," Newton. “I idolized the quarterbacks that would be in these positions and dream like, ‘Man, I hope, I pray I get an opportunity to do it.’"

This isn’t the first time Newton has been on the big stage. As Carolina coach Ron Rivera reminded, Newton led Auburn to an undefeated season and national championship in 2010.

“As far as college football is concerned he’s been on the biggest stage of them all," Rivera said. “This is just another step for him.

“His experience of having been there, and then his experience of the last two seasons, is gonna really do good things for him."

Newton was as relaxed and chatty Wednesday as he has been all season. He sat with the media as he always does before going to the podium.

He then entertained for more than 10 minutes with stories about his car wreck in December 2014 and the first time he met middle linebacker Luke Kuechly.

He talked about wanting to bring back to the Carolinas the pride the states of North and South Carolina had in 2003 when the Panthers reached the Super Bowl.

“People will be talking about the 2015 Panthers for years to come, and shame on us if we don’t capitalize on it," Newton said.

Newton displayed the same confidence to the media that he shows in the huddle.

“The leader of the offense, if he’s under control, he’s letting us know everything is good, that’s always a good thing," left tackle Michael Oher said.

“He’s definitely a calm guy; doesn’t let anything get to him. He loves the moment."