Cam Newton's 'insane' Versace pants could be good sign for Panthers

Newton's pants don't fly under the radar (0:53)

Michael Smith and Jemele Hill comment on the flashy pants Panthers QB Cam Newton wore when he boarded Carolina's plane to the Super Bowl on Sunday. (0:53)

SAN FRANCISCO -- Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton arrived at Super Bowl 50 on Sunday in a pair of Versace pants that the GQ Style Guy summed up best in one word.

"Insane," Mark Anthony Green told ESPN.com.

The gold and zebra-print jeans aren't your off-the-rack MADE Cam Newton pants from Newton's line at Belk. At full value, they sell for just under $900.

Newton's fashion choice could be a good sign for the Panthers as they prepare to face the Denver Broncos at Levi's Stadium.

"The crazy thing about the Super Bowl is you have two weeks of buildup, which I think spooks a lot of people," Green said. "That's why I think the first quarters of the Super Bowl are often kind of boring because everybody is really nervous and they have the jitters.

"For Cam to make such a bold statement with his pants -- we'll have to see in the game -- but he might walk in there with supreme confidence that this show might not really be getting to him. You don't really wear pants like that if you're having a bashful moment."

Green would describe the pants as "South Beach, not loungewear."

"That's the gaudiest pair of pants that Cam has ever worn," he said. "I think he chose to wear them when all eyes were on him. That's really important.

"Cam knows people are talking about the way he dresses. He knows, like, 'Ah, man, these pants are crazy, this will be a moment.' He leads into the week with that, which I think is really smart for him."

Green said this goes beyond the sparkly loafers Newton often wears to postgame news conferences.

"Shoes can be kind of wild, and they're at the bottom of body," he said. "But an entire pair of pants when your legs are that long, that's a lot of attention."

Newton also had on a pair of black and gold shoes that splashed, but Green didn't even notice the shoes "because of the pants."

He laughed that they are described as a zebra print.

"I'm not sure how you classify them," he said. "It's a little otherworldly. I'm not sure we see that in nature or the wild."

Green can't wait to see what Newton wears the rest of the week.

"Like the rapper Future says, you do what you want when you pop it," Green said of one of Newton's favorite artists. "Cam is the biggest ticket on the planet right now, so you can get away with it.

"But I don't think you'll see that in GQ any time soon."