Cam Newton 'hurt deeply' by woman with Broncos cellphone cover at his fundraiser

Newton jokingly calls out fan with Broncos phone case (2:18)

Mid-interview at his celebrity kickball tournament, Panthers QB Cam Newton spots a woman taking photos of him on her phone donning a Broncos case. The interruptions were not over yet, as Josh Norman makes an appearance. (2:18)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- What would happen if Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton ran into a woman with a Denver Broncos cellphone cover and former teammate Josh Norman all in the span of a few minutes?

We found out Friday when the NFL MVP addressed the media near the end of his celebrity kickball tournament at American Legion Memorial Stadium.

It began when Newton was asked about his annual event. He started talking about how it was “extremely hot" when he noticed the woman with the phone taking a picture of him.

Newton: “Whoa! whoa! whoa! Are you really aiming that at me?"

Newton paused, stared down the woman and said: “You! Come here!"

The woman stepped forward in front of the cameras.

Newton: “You’re really aiming that at me?"

Woman: “I’ll delete ‘em."

Countered Newton, somewhat playfully: “No, delete the case."

Denver beat Carolina 24-10 in Super Bowl 50. Newton didn’t have a very good game, if you remember, thanks in part to Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller.

Woman: “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry."

Newton: “How long have you been in Charlotte?"

Woman: “I’ve been here six years. I lived in Denver for eight."

Newton: “Six years. You’re a Charlottean. I’m the quarterback of the Carolina Panthers. It hurts me deeply that you have a Denver Broncos cover on."

Woman: “But I was there every time you guys had the ball rooting [during the Super Bowl]."

Newton: “No you wasn’t."

Woman: “I was. So torn."

This is when Norman, Carolina’s Pro Bowl cornerback last season, entered the picture. Norman stopped by to participate in the fundraiser on his way to his hometown of Greenwood, South Carolina, where this weekend he will receive the key to the city.

Newton: “I’m trying to do an interview."

Norman, who signed with the Washington Redskins after Carolina rescinded his franchise tag, kneeled down in front of Newton, holding a television microphone.

Newton: “No, I’m not doing that. Leave. You’re distracting me. Something that you’re really good at."

Norman asked Newton about his Week 15 game against Washington this season -- and about Norman himself, the player who always tried to get in the quarterback’s head during practice. Remember when they got into that little scuffle during training camp last year?

Newton: “Can’t wait. Really can’t. It’s going to be kind of reminiscent of how we used to battle in practice. … I just look forward to it."

Norman: “Do you think the headband you have on is your spirit animal?"

Newton has been wearing a headband, something he has not done in the past, since offseason workouts began. Norman noticed.

Newton: “I kind of resemble it to Josh Norman’s hairdo. I don’t know what it really is. Been trying to find out for a couple of years now. This is kind of the resemblance."

Norman: “Who would win out of you and Josh Norman?

Newton: “That’s a broad question. It’s nothing that Josh Norman could do that I couldn’t do."

Norman: “Who’s the winner? Josh Norman or Cam Newton?"

Newton: “Next question, please."