Cam Newton opts for Color Rush uniform when he plays Madden

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Every day can be Color Rush day as far as Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is concerned.

“When I play Madden, that’s what I play in, for what it’s worth," the NFL MVP said of the all-blue uniforms the Panthers will wear in Thursday night’s game against the New Orleans Saints.

That the Panthers are 1-0 in their Color Rush uniforms, beating the Dallas Cowboys 33-14 a year ago on Thanksgiving Day, has nothing to do with it.

Neither does Newton’s performance in that game. He wasn’t spectacular, passing for 183 yards and no touchdowns and rushing for 45 yards and one touchdown.

Newton just likes the way the colors look on him in person -- and in the video game.

Before you ask, the NFL doesn’t require players to say nice things about their Color Rush uniforms. Jacksonville quarterback Blake Bortles made that clear when he spoke out about the mustard-colored uniforms the Jaguars wore against Tennessee.

“I think somebody’s got to tell the truth, so I might as well be the first to say it: I think they’re ugly as hell," Bortles said.

Carolina’s all-blue look has received mixed reviews in national polls, but in general they rank in the upper half of the league.

Middle linebacker Luke Kuechly practically beamed when asked about them.

“Oh, yeah!" he said. “They’re great. Everyone is excited. Everyone has their gloves and their cool new cleats. Everyone is excited because their socks are going to be all blue.

“It’ll be cool."

Tight end Greg Olsen said the Panthers have “one of the better Color Rush uniforms in the league.

“Ours are bright, nice looking," he said. “I like ‘em."

Told his quarterback plays Madden in the all-blue uniforms, Olsen shook his head and smiled.

“That doesn’t surprise me," he said, pausing and adding, “I don’t even know if I know how to do that."