McShay on Bears: Trade pick or draft Kevin White

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CHICAGO -- ESPN NFL draft Analyst Todd McShay offered this advice to the Chicago Bears: actively seek a trade partner to move back in Round 1, or stay at No. 7 and select West Virginia wide receiver Kevin White.

McShay broke down the Bears' options at No. 7 during a conference call on Friday, where he also listed nose tackle, inside linebacker, safety, cornerback and right tackle as areas of need.

The long-time draft analyst did mention Washington nose tackle Danny Shelton and Iowa offensive tackle Brandon Scherff as possibilities, but McShay remained steadfast that White is expected to be the Bears' best option at seven.

"They're an intriguing team," McShay said of the Bears. "I'm a big Ryan Pace guy. I think he's the right guy for the job. He's just always shown a really good feel for personnel. But you can't turn things around overnight. If the two quarterbacks come off the board in the first six picks, and then you have Alabama's Amari Cooper goes No. 4 to Oakland, and then Leonard Williams and Dante Fowler Jr., the two defensive prospects [are off the board]. To me, if Kevin White is left on the board, he's probably going to be the best option.

"I'd much rather if I'm Chicago try and move back. It sounds nice and everybody says it, but you just never know what offer you are going to get. But I think they're at a position at No. 7 where they can gauge any good, viable options to move back, and if not, and Kevin White from West Virginia is sitting there, I think he'd be a great fit."

The addition of White would give the Bears a formidable group of wide receivers, even after the club traded five-time Pro Bowler Brandon Marshall to the New York Jets in the offseason.

"Now you look at what you have in terms of playmakers, and with Alshon Jeffery, and you put White out there opposite Jeffery," McShay said. "Then you bump Marquess Wilson [and Eddie Royal] down to the No. 3 role, and now you have a dangerous wide receiver core.

"I know that have to figure out [Matt] Forte and I know with Jay Cutler [Chicago] has a quarterback situation. But at No. 7, it's highly unlikely either of the two quarterbacks is there. From the people I talk to, I don't hear any serious rumblings about them wanting to move up and get one of these quarterbacks anyways. My guess is Cutler is the quarterback this year and you have to continue to build around him. If Kevin White is there at seven, I think he would probably be the best option."