Martellus Bennett's message to Packers, rest of NFL: 'I hate everybody'

Martellus Bennett can work up a healthy dislike for any opponent, and he should play a major role against the Packers. Kelley L Cox/USA TODAY Sports

LAKE FOREST, Ill. – The always entertaining Martellus Bennett isn’t afraid to share his true feelings about the Packers, or any NFL team for that matter.

“I mean, I hate everybody, so if I play against you I don't like you at all,” Bennett said.

“I mean everybody has a special place in my heart of hate. I mean for me, honestly I don't like anybody in the league.

It's all the same to me. They're all my enemies.”

Look for Bennett to have a sizable role on Sunday.

The 2014 Pro Bowl selection emerged as one of Jay Cutler’s favorite targets last year – Bennett led all NFL tight ends with 90 receptions – and following a brief offseason contract squabble, Bennett topped Chicago with 11 catches in the preseason.

“I just kind of show up and do my job,” Bennett said. “I’m old school, blue collar.”

But not even an experienced player such as Bennett can predict how the Bears' offense will function on Sunday.

“I mean, practice is practice. I don't want to be Allen Iverson right now although I did watch the documentary -- Allen I understand why you were disgruntled about the whole thing,” Bennett said.

“Practices look good but practices are scripted to go well so with the game there's going to be some unscouted looks.

That's going to be the biggest thing. With the first game of the season both sides are able to do some things that the other side has not seen. And we've got to be able to hit them with unscouted looks and I think that's going to be the biggest thing for us this week.”

Coach John Fox echoed that sentiment.

“I'm as curious as you all are,” Fox said. “I haven't watched this team play a real game yet. It's a little bit different when you've been somewhere and you haven't seen this exact team play yet, but altogether with a new staff, new offense, defense, special teams, you're extra excited, anxious, whatever word you want to put on it. We've worked hard, I think we've made progress and now we get the test.”