Jay Cutler has team's support despite late pick against Packers

Jones ignites offense in first game back with Packers (1:20)

Packers wide receiver James Jones and Bears running back Matt Forte receive game balls for their performances in Green Bay's 31-23 victory at Soldier Field. (1:20)

CHICAGO -- Jay Cutler's 23rd career interception against the Green Bay Packers did not cause the quarterback's support in the locker room to erode.

Quite the contrary.

Cutler's teammates strongly voiced their support of the embattled quarterback in the wake of Green Bay's 31-23 victory; this despite Cutler having a 1-12 lifetime record against the Packers.

"I think he did a tremendous job of managing our game, getting us in the right position, making the right calls, and protecting the ball for us," Chicago Bears left tackle Jermon Bushrod said.

Next up is an Arizona defense that completely shut down New Orleans' run game, which means if the Bears are going to win, Cutler may need to sling it.

It sounds strange, but Cutler played much better than his 67.5 quarterback rating would indicate Sunday.

In charge of offensive coordinator Adam Gase's uptempo style of offense, Cutler looked confident checking out of plays at the line of scrimmage. The Bears rarely appeared disorganized. That's a far cry from recent years when Cutler would slam the ball to the turf in frustration over poor communication or plays not being relayed in to his headset in a timely fashion.

The angry Cutler timeout became a weekly staple. But the quarterback never seemed rattled Sunday, even when the pass protection broke down.

"Jay was lights out," Bears right tackle Kyle Long said. "You can't ask for a more gritty performance by Jay. He got out of the pocket, extended plays with his legs and kept the ball away from the defense."

Until that final interception, of course. Cutler needs to take ownership of the turnovers. He's now thrown a pick in every career start against Green Bay; a major reason the series has been so lopsided in recent years.

To be fair, Cutler did more things right than wrong in Week 1. That included scrambling outside of the pocket four times to pick up several key first downs.

Cutler's ability to move outside the pocket has long been one of the most underrated parts of his game.

"I think Cutler did well. I think he did a fantastic job and I'm looking forward to getting out there this week and continuing to get better," Bears tight end Martellus Bennett. "He did a great job leading us. He made some great plays and some tough runs. He made some guys miss and that type of stuff really fires us up. He did a great job today and I'm really proud of his performance and the way that he played."

The reality is that Cutler did not do enough to beat Aaron Rodgers. That's been the theme in Chicago for six-plus years.

Like the rest of the team, however, Cutler has made progress.

"I thought Jay did a real good job," head coach John Fox said. "His pocket awareness -- he had a couple of scrambles in there that I think were heads-up plays. He stepped up into the pocket. But against this football team, we weren't quite as good as we needed to be."

Take it for what it's worth. We all know what Cutler is by now.

Can the Bears win a Super Bowl with Cutler? Probably not. Can the Bears be competitive in 2015 if Cutler plays efficient football? Absolutely. Sunday's loss reinforced that concept.