Adrian Peterson calls Matt Forte the 'Stephen Curry' of football

Matt Forte should be just fine with being called football's Stephen Curry. Getty Images

LAKE FOREST, Ill. – Adrian Peterson said on Wednesday that he considers Bears tailback Matt Forte to be the “Stephen Curry” of football.

“Matt Forte. What would I call him? I would call him Stephen Curry. Mr. Dependable. That’s what I would call him,” Peterson told Chicago reporters.

Peterson’s comments on Forte come a few weeks after Peterson settled a friendly debate with injured Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles, who called himself the “LeBron James” of the NFL during training camp in August.

"I'll say I'm the Michael Jordan,'' Peterson said on a recent conference call with Kansas City-area media. "There's always the debate, would LeBron be better than Michael? So I'll say I'm the Michael Jordan of football.''

Being compared to Stephen Curry (2015 NBB MVP and World Champion) is high praise, too.

Forte enters Sunday’s game against Minnesota ranked No. 1 in yards from scrimmage (12,129) and third in rushing yards (8,211) since 2008. Forte also has the most receptions (464) and receiving yards (3,918) by an NFL running back over the same span.

Forte, 29, is currently fourth in yards from scrimmage and sixth in rushing yards through six games in 2015.