Meet the new social chair for the Bears' offensive line: Kyle Long

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Kyle Long is the new social chair of the Chicago Bears' offensive line.

As is the case in most NFL markets, Chicago’s offensive line is a close-knit group that often enjoys each other’s company outside the team facility.

With so many offensive linemen on the roster, especially in the offseason, the unit requires a point man to organize its busy social calendar.

Enter Long, who at 27 is just three seasons removed from playing college ball at Oregon. But with three Pro Bowl selections under his belt, he is the most qualified.

Now, to say Long lobbied for the job is inaccurate. Rather, he grudgingly accepted the role after observing former Bears veterans Roberto Garza and Matt Slauson coordinate the group outings in recent years.

“Obviously without Matt [whom the Bears released in the offseason], we kind of looked around and were like, ‘Who’s going to do this?’” Long said Tuesday. “And Charles Leno was like, ‘You got it, dude. You can organize the group text.’”

The O-line’s most recent get-together occurred at the home of position coach Dave Magazu, who hosted a cookout over the weekend.

“We’ve got a great group of guys, and we’ve got a coach that’s fired up about football every day and treats us like family,” Long said. “That’s all you can ask for. We’ll go get something to eat, we’ll go watch a basketball game. I’ve had the guys over to my house, and they clean up, which is nice. [Rookie second-round pick] Cody Whitehair is a gentleman. He always does the dishes. It’s been good.”