Upon further review: John Fox regrets not challenging Brock Osweiler sneak

Bears coach John Fox said of Brock Osweiler's fourth-quarter sneak: "[In] hindsight, I wish I would have challenged it." Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire

In hindsight, Chicago Bears coach John Fox said on Tuesday he regretted not challenging Brock Osweiler’s 1-yard gain on a third-and-1 quarterback sneak that set up Houston’s go-ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter Sunday.

“Yeah, I think at the time if I had the ability to see what people get to see at home, with yellow lines and blue lines and all the things ... I think what ... we might have won it,” Fox said. “[In] hindsight, I wish I would have challenged it.”

The Bears defense appeared to stop Osweiler short of the first-down marker, but officials gave the 6-foot-8 quarterback a generous spot. Three plays later, Osweiler hit Will Fuller for an 18-yard touchdown that put the Texans in front 20-14 with 12:49 left. Houston later tacked on a field goal and won the game 23-14.

“My experience has been, especially after a measurement -- it wasn’t one of those bang-bang plays where all of the sudden the other team’s in hurry-up -- you have time to look at it, have people see it upstairs and all that,” Fox said. “We had all day. They measured it. Even at the measurement, it was by a hair. So whenever there’s a scrum like that in a quarterback sneak, my experience has not been good as far as the spot specifically. If they ruled it a first down, if there’s not irrefutable evidence, it doesn’t change.”