Bears' Prosinski on getting hurdled by Ezekiel Elliott: Need to keep head up

ARLINGTON, Texas -- So much for Ezekiel Elliott's fumbling problem.

The Cowboys fed the Bears defense a steady diet of the fourth overall pick, who rushed for a game-high 140 yards on 30 carries.

Elliott’s Sunday night highlight reel even included a run where he jumped over Bears safety Chris Prosinski in the open field.

Prosinski, a solid veteran who filled in nicely for injured starter Harold Jones-Quartey, said Elliott’s hurdle move surprised him.

“I kind of saw it at the last second, but just couldn’t get it…obviously I wanted to try and wrap him low,” Prosinski explained. “Yeah, it was a good play. Every now and again you’ll see that move from running backs, but I probably need to keep my head up. I think I clipped the toe, at least. It wasn’t like he ran for a lot of yards after that.”