Mark Sanchez picks 6; Bears fans may not be done booing Jay Cutler's number

It would be difficult to find a uniform number that's been booed by Chicago Bears fans over the past eight seasons more than No. 6.

But whatever bad mojo Jay Cutler brought to the number, it hasn't dissuaded Mark Sanchez from choosing to wear the number he wore at USC and with the New York Jets and Denver Broncos. He wore No. 3 with the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys.

Cutler's eight-year stint in Chicago, which came to an end when the Bears released him in March, was not without its highlights. In fact, he rewrote the record book for the QB-starved franchise. But expectations were Super Bowl-caliber when the Bears acquired him from Denver in 2009 for a hefty price, and the result was just one playoff berth.

Sanchez can relate to the pressure of the position. He once was booed during a scrimmage in New York. His "Butt Fumble" is one of the more infamous plays in NFL history.

But maybe the future is brighter for No. 6 in Chicago. At least the expectations won't be as high.