National expectations for Bears remains low post-draft

One day we may all look back on this and smile.

All the consternation over Ryan Pace’s draft strategy (trading up to No. 2 for Mitchell Trubisky, who is not expected to start in 2017 and then grabbing players from below the FBS level with three of the next four picks) will dissipate if Trubisky becomes a bona fide franchise quarterback. Finding a long-term solution at quarterback trumps everything in the NFL. Perhaps Trubisky is that guy. And if so, the future in Chicago is rosy.

What about in the short-term? Well, that outlook isn’t nearly as pleasant. The Bears are 14-34 the past three years and have missed the postseason six straight seasons. It’s been 11 years since that exciting run to Super Bowl XLI in Miami. Honestly, it feels like 30 years ago. Seriously, I don’t even remember what it feels like to cover a playoff game.

So, the nation understandably is skeptical of the Bears.

In ESPN’s post-draft Power Rankings published on Monday, the Bears sit at No. 29 -- the same spot they occupied when ESPN released their power rankings after free agency.

ESPN NFL Insider Dan Graziano writes: “Sign the Buccaneers' backup quarterback and trade a cartload of picks to move up to No. 2 and draft a quarterback? The Bears look like they're trying to replicate last year's Eagles quarterback moves, except with worse players. If Mitchell Trubisky is a franchise QB, the price won't have mattered. In similar news, if I pick the correct six lottery numbers, this will be my final column.”

Sorry Bears fans, Graziano isn’t going anywhere, and neither is the negative national narrative surround the team. The Bears have to win some games for that to happen.