Don't ask Bears' Kyle Long to critique Eagles' electric slide

PHILADELPHIA -- Already in a foul mood after Sunday’s ugly 31-3 loss, Chicago Bears guard Kyle Long had no interest in reliving Philadelphia’s series of excessive on-field celebrations, which ranged from former Bear Alshon Jeffery rolling an imaginary bowling ball into players acting as pins following a touchdown catch to at least 10 Eagles doing the electric slide near their sideline.

“Look, I’m not here to watch celebrations,” Long snapped. “I’m here to block the defensive front and get yards. We got negative six [rushing] yards today. I could give two s---- about their celebration. If they want to go on Dancing with the Stars, that’s great for them. We’re trying to win football games. We didn’t do that today. I’m glad they’re well-choreographed in their dance routines -- we got to find a way to win football games.”

Sunday felt more like a party inside Lincoln Financial Field than a football game.

The only problem was that no one invited the Bears.

“I mean, it sucks,” Bears linebacker Christian Jones said. “We’re all competitive. Nobody wants to get beat like that, especially to a team like this. Seeing them celebrating and all that BS.”

The Bears were mostly measured in their comments regarding the Eagles’ antics, but defensive lineman Akiem Hicks probably summed it up best: “If you don’t’ want them to do it, stop them.”

The Bears definitely didn't do that.