Favre: Nothing wrong with Cutler

Vikings quarterback Brett Favre says Jay Cutler is better than Favre was at Cutler's age. Marilyn Indahl/Icon SMI

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Brett Favre doesn't see anything wrong with Jay Cutler. In fact, the future Hall of Fame quarterback gave Cutler the ultimate compliment during a Wednesday conference call with Chicago media.

"I think he's better (than I was at a young age)," Favre said. "I think he's damn good. He'll be fine, and I know he knows that, and I'm sure to a certain extent that's what Donovan [McNabb] may have been talking to him about at the end of that game the other day. Physically speaking, he's as good as any guy in the league."

"My Achilles' heel throughout my career was that there was never a bad play. I never wanted to concede a play. Did that get me in trouble at times? Sure. But I wouldn't be here today if I didn't play the way I played.

"It worked for me. I remember watching Jay back in college, and they lost a lot of games in college at Vanderbilt. They went up against a lot of teams that overmatched them, but yet, he [Cutler] was competitive as heck and kept them in games, You had that feeling watching him, that without him, it wouldn't even be close. To me, that's (the sign) of a difference maker."

"Jay, the coaching staff, and the fans there in Chicago would like to say 'We'd like to have that play back'," Favre continued. "But it's the next play, when he makes a tremendous play, you go 'That's why we got him'. And you have to be willing to keep shooting it. Yeah, do you have to have some wherewithal to say, probably the best play is take a sack of whatever? Believe me, I've know that my whole career, but it doesn't mean that I've done it."

"That's the type of player Jay is. But at this stage, he's way more advanced. Physically, he's got all the tools, but mentally he's way more advanced and able to see defenses and read things. I don't think it's a bad thing to want to put it all on your shoulders, and I know that's what he's thinking."