Turley: Martz a better coordinator than head coach

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Former NFL offensive lineman Kyle Turley paints an interesting picture of former St. Louis Rams head coach and new Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz.

"I didn't care for the guy as a head coach, but I heard a lot of great things about him as an offensive coordinator," Turley said Thursday at a press conference supporting Gridiron Greats. "I hope the best for that team. ... Lovie [Smith] is a great guy and that team deserves to win. I think their offense can be a lot better with a coach like Mike Martz as long as he's got somebody who keeps him where he needs to be. That proved itself when he was with the Rams -- what his capabilities are."

Turley thinks the Bears’ success in 2010 will depend on whether Martz and Smith can find balance.

"I feel like Lovie, being a defensive-minded coach, can keep a handle on what [Martz] is doing in certain situations, you know maybe keep a governor on him, because the guy is full tilt and wants to get in that end zone as fast as possible,” Turley said. “But that doesn't necessarily help out what you're trying to do on defense, you don't want to get in shootouts. I think if there is a balance there, they got a real good opportunity this season."