Bears see no need for preseason panic

Bears: More Exciting Martz or Peppers? (0:36)

Merril Hoge discusses whether defense is still King in Chicago. (0:36)

CHICAGO -- Apparently, it wasn't just the majority of those watching the Bears on Saturday night -- for remuneration or otherwise -- who tuned out before the game was over.

Lance Briggs was in the middle of making the argument that even in the preseason, there's professional pride at stake, when he blanked out on one detail.

"You want to look good your first game at home, preseason or regular season," he said, "and you get beat by 27 or whatever it was ... it was 27, right?"

Trouble was, no one in Monday's media huddle could come up with the correct answer right away, either.

Upon further examination, the Bears lost 32-17 to the Raiders on Saturday and have been outscored 57-27 in two preseason games. But they are not panicking. And frankly, some of them are befuddled over why anyone would be.

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