Bowman held out of practice Monday

Chicago Bears cornerback Zack Bowman said Monday he was "good to go" and didn't suffer a concussion Saturday, but then Bowman was held out of practice.

Bowman said he was out for about 15 seconds after delivering a hard hit against the Buffalo Bills' Paul Hubbard in the third quarter.

"It was the second play of the third quarter, and they did a boot," Bowman said. "I saw the receiver coming across, so I just took a shot. He was my buddy, so after the game, I had to send him a text message telling him that I'm sorry. But it's part of the game. I was checking on him. But he's fine and I'm fine, so that's all I can tell you all right now."

Bowman stayed on the ground for several minutes after the hit, and he walked off under his own power. He did not return.

"I’ll tell you this: It was a bang-bang [play], and I laid on the ground for a second, got stable, and that’s when [head athletic trainer Tim Bream] and all the doctors and stuff ran out," Bowman said. "I was fine. They were making sure that I was stable and stuff like that, but everything checked out good, so I should be ready to go."